Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rip Current

Rip Current

Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
September 08, 2010

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. -Matthew 25:41 NIV

A rip current is often caused by a break in a sandbar, which then usually pulls the water offshore in a quick streaming path. Sometimes rip currents are temporary and more prevalent after storms, but some are permanent. With the rushing water going at a speed of 3 mph at times, the strength of a rip current can pull even a very experienced swimmer out to sea. The way to spot a rip current is to notice a change in the waves. If there is a choppy section of large waves where everything else is relatively calm, that may be a sign of this dangerous current. Water color is also an important clue to spotting rip currents. If the color of the water is much darker than the color around it, it could indicate a great depth, which could suggest a change in current. Of course, the idea is to avoid rip currents altogether, but if caught in one, the advice is not to panic, but to try to swim parallel to the shore in an effort to get out of the current.

When lifeguards and posted signs have informed beach-goers about the rip currents, sometimes swimmers continue to go in the water. It can be dangerous for everyone as the swimmer puts his life in danger and that of the lifeguard as well. The hope is that by knowing that danger is present, we should avoid it until it passes. The allure to enjoy a quick dip in the ocean is hard to resist, but to ignore the warnings is foolish.

When we live under a spirit of temptation, we find that we can quickly become out of control. Our focus can shift to finding short term pleasure, which we know doesn’t last. Then, we seek more pleasure and tempting thoughts and actions begin to dominate our minds and bodies. If we give in to it, it can cost us a lot, maybe even our life. God will strengthen us to say no. But, we must also do our part to stay on a straight and narrow path. He desires to fortify us with strong faith and strength to become overcomers, to live sensibly and to seek joy and contentment in our relationship with Him.

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