Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Memories

Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
August 27, 2008

A cheerful heart is good medicine -Proverbs 17:22a NIV

Labor Day is upon us and it marks the unofficial end to summer. Another school year begins, the weather begins to cool and vacationers begin their exodus back home. But hopefully, memories were made by all.

Recently, we had occasion to get together with our family for a fun weekend in Florida. Like many families, our time is limited when we can all come together at once and we are grateful for the chance to do so. We visited interesting places, walked the beach, strolled on a pier, ate good food and enjoyed the company of each other. My granddaughter put on some skits and sang to us by the pool and we applauded in unison. She used the water hose and the spray nozzle as her makeshift microphone. (Yes, we did record this for use at her wedding one day!!) We ate hamburgers fresh off the grill while we chatted about everything, catching up on everyone's life. Even the family pets jumped into our laps to get their share of attention! I looked around and saw that my daughter was content to read a book in the comfort of family nearby. My daughter in law and I frolicked in the pool as if we were kids. My husband, son and son-in-law found a project in the garage that required their expert attention. Like a proud mother taking stock of her brood, I was noticing that my family is growing and changing. It was a beautiful weekend. We made memories to tide us over until we can come together again.

In Proverbs, it says that a merry heart makes good medicine. Joy and laughter are essential to our good health. In the end, we can't take our possessions with us. What we do have that no one can take are our memories. Yes, there are things that have happened that we would prefer not to remember, and we can give those memories to God to take from us. I am talking about the happy times, the joyful times that have marked our life in lasting ways. I remember times with my grandmother when I was little. She went to heaven when I was just 9 but the memories of her love have lasted through my adult life. I have tried to give that to the little people in my family. Parents have to be disciplinarians and keep those rules, but I love being a grandmother because we can simply enjoy the children God has brought as blessings into our life. Our 11 year old granddaughter was so excited to have a picnic at the beach while we watched the sunset and picked shells. It doesn't have to take lots of money to make memories, just a little creativity and some time and most especially a prayer to invite God to be in our midst.

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