Friday, August 15, 2008


Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
August 15, 2008

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. -Psalm 33:20 NIV

A sturdy stairway is built using a combination of strength and balance. An experienced craftsman knows how to measure and cut the stringers, risers and treads to produce a beautifully functioning set of stairs. Custom made posts, balusters and rails compliment the structure and shows off the architectural creativity and experience of the craftsman. On the Outer Banks, there are many stairways that cross over the dunes to the beach. We are often so busy and intent on getting to the beach that we forget to notice the beautiful view from the stairways we must cross. And if we miss the view, we certainly miss the peace that comes with taking a moment to rest.

Many of us are not good at waiting for things to take their course. We live in an “instant” world, and we expect results too quickly at times. Trying to take over control by manipulating circumstances ourselves, or speeding up the process, really only prolongs the final outcome. We often can get in God’s way by interfering in His Plan for us. God is in charge. We can’t hurry Him. When we feel like He isn’t answering our prayers or giving us the guidance we seek, it doesn’t mean He has abandoned us. In fact, it is often quite the opposite. When we don’t see any evidence of our dreams and hopes materializing, we shouldn’t give up hope or lose faith. He hears our pleas and our prayers. He is actually orchestrating people and events around us so that when the time is right, He will begin to make things happen for us. It is all His timing, not ours. He knows our dreams. He knows our heart. So if our faith and trust are in Him, we can lay down our fears and worry and we can be confidant in our future. Like the engineering that goes into building a stairway using both strength and balance, we learn those components are vital in our life, too. There is a time for action and time for rest. The balance that He provides stabilizes us, teaches us lessons in patience and trust, while giving us the chance to be strengthened by Him.

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