Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
November 10, 2010

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; -Psalm 55:22a (NIV)

On my way to Oregon Inlet to take photographs of the beautiful fishing boats, I ducked into the little road leading to the Bodie Island Lighthouse for a quick look at the current renovations. How amazing it looks to see that old lighthouse shrouded in scaffolding from top to bottom and from what I understand on the inside as well. This lighthouse was actually built in 1872 so I think you could say this total overhaul is overdue! Locals know that the correct pronunciation of the lighthouse sounds likes the word “body” as opposed to using a long o for the word Bodie. The name goes back to the Body family that named the land Bodies Island where the lighthouse stands today Located in Nags Head just 4 miles north of Oregon Inlet, the original Fresnel lens provided light until it was upgraded to an electric lamp in 1932 and then became fully automated in 1953. As part of the renovation, the Fresnel lens is being restored and will be re-installed. On our many evening drives throughout Nags Head, it was always special to see the light in the night sky and it will be special to see it again when the work is complete.

Renew, revive, refresh, refurbish, renovate. All of these words mean the same thing. Each day when we wake up we have the opportunity to be refreshed and start anew. When we add to each day the worries and concerns from yesterday, last week or last year, the day is heavy laden before it even begins. Our foundation begins to sag from the weight of the oppression, fear and worry that collects in our spirit over time. Don’t you just wish sometimes that you could shake off those nagging things that occupy your mind that takes up space and robs you of your energy? The good news is we can give all our cares and burdens to God. It lightens our load. If we truly trust Him, we know He won’t forsake us. Wasted time feeling weighed down is fruitless to Christian living. Do the work to put aside the things you cannot change. Give it to God instead. Live according to His Word. Be grateful. Give and do unto Him. He will replenish us daily when we shelter ourselves in the glow of His Light. When we receive His Light, it is ours to share with those still in the darkness.

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  1. Love your blog and your heart for photography. Thank you for using your gifts in this way.

    Blessings :)