Friday, January 21, 2011


Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Glass
January 19, 2011

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. –Matthew 7:7 NIV 

When I set out to take photographs, it is just me and my camera with a lot of expectant hope. I will do some things to ensure that I could have a bit of success by choosing the right time of day to take photos, scout out a special location with interest and then search for the best light for the subject. Then the focus shifts to composition. I then think about how can take a photograph of something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Many times it works out that I am able to capture a simple moment with my lens so that it can last a lifetime in my portfolio.

I feel a wonderful peace when I walk with nature and my camera in tow. God’s Presence is ever present in the beautiful surroundings, but the beach is my favorite. It amazes me the amount of peace that can be found if we are willing to receive it. A simple walk on the beach can turn a dull day into one not to be forgotten. I love everything about it like the smell of the salt air, wet driftwood and sparkling shells that are being bleached by the sunlight. Then there is the sound of the gentle wash of the wave onshore or seeing the occasional shorebird skirting the waters’ edge with its leggy stance. There are treasures to stuff pockets with and people to nod hello to. And those moments of standing sill searching for objects far away on the horizon and of course, walking and talking aloud to God. I have many memories stored in my heart of days just like this.

There is beauty in each day. We miss it sometimes. Carrying a camera reminds me to stop long enough to focus on my beautiful surroundings and get a photo or two when I could have missed it altogether. God’s Peace is like that. It is there if we seek it, but how often do we set it aside day after day? Within His Peace is His unfailing, abundant Love. No one can love us like God does. His Peace and Love will sustain us in all times. Through God’s lens, He loves us like a Father loves his child. He comforts us and teaches us to make choices guided by His Peace. We are not ordinary. God made us to be extraordinary. He put greatness down on the inside of each of us. When a photographer builds his portfolio, only the perfect, special photos are included and those are considered the masterpieces of one’s work. In God’s eyes, we are all masterpieces because He made us. He is perfect. He doesn’t make any mistakes. We can do great things when we seek and follow Him and by activating the gifts He placed inside of us by faith.


  1. Beautiful, where was this taken? I used to live on the OBX and it reminds me of there. I love your photos, reflections, and scriptures! Brings me pease.

  2. Denise, Thanks for reading Reflections. This photo was taken in Nags Head.