Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Reflections by the Sea
Betsy Ore Glass
October 19, 2011

Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.
-Psalm 119:35 NIV

The Outer Banks hosts many paths: bicycle paths, walking paths, handicap and nature paths. Some are straight and others are winding. No two are alike and there is always something beautiful to see and enjoy along the way. When I was a young girl, my grandmother lived at a beach. Her little house with a wraparound screened porch was tucked in among the cedars, pine and oak trees. The path from her back door to the top of the sand dune was made from wooden planks, creating a straight path to the beach. She lived under the protection of a canopy of trees, but once at the top of the path on the tall dune, a panoramic view awaited us. Even though most of the treed path was dark or covered over in pine needles, the reward was always there at the end of the path….a view that was breathtaking! The darkness lifted and the light of day or moon by night illuminated us while we stood on that path, finally at our destination.

Sometimes we just simply want what we want! Scripture says that God will give us the desires of our heart. Some things we want are just not good for us. We can thank God that He knows more than we do and knows what is best for us. I can look back in the past and think I was just so certain about the direction I thought God was taking me. All the while, I realize now I was on my own path. It is hard to discern which path belongs to whom!! When we get faced with choices or opportunities, our first step is to go to God and ask for wisdom. There have been times I have felt a nudge in my spirit to act or move forward. Not knowing what is ahead of me, I have walked forward in obedience by faith, and sure enough, God would have cleared the path for me towards victory. Other times, I have felt like there was glue on my feet. Everyone else around me was moving forward with plans and I had plans too, but felt God holding me back. Disappointed at first and frustrated that I couldn’t step out yet, I realized that God knew best and that His Timing is everything. God has managed to put me where He wants me at any given time. I have learned that He calls the shots. When I simply can’t wait any longer for God to act, then I begin to feel that maybe He is waiting for me to act. That happens sometimes. That is when I move forward with my goals and plans in faith, with caution. I trust Him to stop me at any time and He has. He orders our steps and blesses us with the wisdom on what path to choose to live the life he has designed for us.

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