Wednesday, October 8, 2014



 In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.

-Psalm 25:1 NIV

Last week I took a flight to California. We flew over the desert. Looking down from the plane it was like looking at the moon…..craters, dips, valleys, smooth, rough surfaces. No roads, no power lines…absolutely nothing in sight. It looked lifeless and abandoned. And all of a sudden there was a town with green lush grass, swimming pools, square plots of land with homes and all that goes with a busy town. I have to say I was surprised that there was no transition between the dry, empty desert and the thriving landscaped town.  I guess I thought there would be a division between the two areas like fields of scrub brush or cactus plants. Something. Anything. It was an interesting sight.

Life can be like that…no transition from one thing to another. How many times has a phone call changed our life? We were fine one minute and the next we would have a situation or crisis to handle that we didn’t expect. This happens more than we like it to, because if we are honest, we like time to get used to things changing. We have to ponder how to handle something, how to react, try to make a plan. But when we don’t have the luxury of time we can feel overwhelmed, uncertain, feeling a lack confidence and more. It is God that we can lean on. He understands us, our abilities, shortcomings and our strengths.  Nothing stays the same and things are constantly changing. When we are thrown a curve, that is especially the time to stand on our faith and rely on God to give us the wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. I know people who say, “I won’t bother God with that problem…it is too small for Him, I can handle it”. And of course we know there is a better way. God can handle it all, big and small.



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