Thursday, October 9, 2008


Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
October 09, 2008

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. -Psalm 55:21-23NIV

As Autumn comes to the Outer Banks, so do the throngs of people armed with their fishing gear for the various fishing tournaments being held on shore and off. There is an art to fishing and the joy that surrounds this sport includes the bragging rights at winning one of the many tournaments commencing now. They say it is all in the wrist. And that is the ability to cast the rod at a great distance into the water. I've seen little boys and girls on piers cast their line way out...sometimes ever further than the adults nearby. Any child will tell us that they don't need all the fancy trappings of expensive rods and reels to get the job done.......a simple fishing hook, twine and bamboo pole will do. That and a lot of patience. It isn't the strength, but the technique and skill along with lots of practice that allows one to perfectly cast their line. I admit, I have practiced this. Practically throwing my shoulder out thinking I had to match my husbands' strength. Everyone has their own technique that works for them. The idea is to have something at the end of that line to reel in! Most of all, there is an abundance of peace that can be found in this sport of fishing. No TV's blaring, electronic games and email...just the breezes, soaking in the sunshine and plenty of time to listen to what God wants to say to our heart.

One definition for the word “cast” is to throw, hurl or fling something. Also, to throw away. If we take this definition and apply it to todays scripture, it means to basically throw all out cares away to God. How wonderful that we can do that without any guilt. We can give Him our worries about the children, job, finances, relationships. Everything that takes room in our hearts and minds that we have cared about but are powerless to control......He can handle it all. And it says, “He will sustain us”. So we can give Him all our troubles, cares and worries AND He will take care of us as well!! My cup runs over sometimes with concerns and thoughts of despair over situations. But we are to give them to Him. We are to empty our minds and hearts of the everyday troubles and only have a heart and mind for Him. Wise people remark that we are to focus on Him and not on our problems. Today I am going to mentally see myself on a pier or at the water's edge. I will cast my cares into the sea of God's Love and Security. I will remind myself that He already knows what is in my heart and mind, but that it is important for me to act in faith by releasing these things to Him. Casting it all to Him. Smiling at the Heavens knowing that regardless of anything, He promises to sustain me.

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