Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walking in Favor

Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
January 27, 2010

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; -Psalm 90:17a NIV

Some of the most wonderful, memorable moments on the Outer Banks have been because of the relationships I have enjoyed. Some people have been friends for many years and others a short time as they were passing through on their journey. I say that it is the salt air that makes everyone so friendly and cordial! There is nothing that equals the feeling of being cherished, approved and accepted. The dictionary says that kindness, approval and friendly regard is called “favor.”

I can look over my life and see that God’s Favor is abundant. Like the times I should have been at the back of the line but was moved to the front. The occasion when an appointment was hard to get, yet a way was made immediately. Even something as simple as the best parking spot becoming available at the store on a rainy day. Favor is a gift from God as our reward and blessing for our obedience. Have you seen someone climb up the corporate ladder who wasn’t as qualified as the next person but they got the job anyway? That’s His Favor. The big break that was thought to be nearly impossible, yet it came through? Some people would refer to this as luck. But we know better. We don’t put our faith in luck. We put our faith in God and no matter what our circumstances look like, we believe that we walk in Faith surrounded by His Favor.

Some of us are parents. I know that as a parent I would do anything to help my children. Then if you picture your role as a parent with a heart of unconditional love just waiting to pour over them, how much more could we expect from our Heavenly Father?

We can expect to walk in God’s Favor if we walk in His Ways. And what happens when hardships come upon us? Have we fallen out of God’s Favor? No. God may allow our circumstances to be a little tough for the moment but it can make us stronger. When we walk through “the valley” it often illustrates to us what we are made of. Are we still strong in our faith? Do we balk at the first sign of difficulty and throw in the towel and declare that God has abandoned us? Do we sink into fear that we can’t rise out of our problems? So much we can learn about ourselves and what we are really made of. Whether we walk the mountaintop or the lowest valley, God wants us to walk with Him and He wants to pour out His Favor on us.

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