Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Life

Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
March 30, 2010

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. -John 11:25 NIV

Easter is a time for renewal. A new beginning. A fresh start. The story of the Resurrection gives us hope and the promise of everlasting life. (Matt. 28; Mark 16; Luke 24) One definition for resurrection is revival. We have heard the phrase, “spring cleaning” and perhaps we can apply it to our lives as well. Cast out the sins and ways of the world that don’t serve us well and adopt new approaches and ways to live a godly life. Make life changing decisions that opens the door to a daily relationship with God. Have a new heart for service by doing for others. Develop new habits that keep our bodies healthy and our minds clear. But first, we must believe with our whole hearts that Jesus came so that we would have abundant life. (John 10:10) We just have to make Him first. Being a “Believer” is so much more than going to church on Sunday. It is being open to fellowshipping with God daily. To go to Him for everything. To believe that what we have asked for in prayer, we have received. Living in hope, with expectant faith is the way. He gave us His Precious Son, Jesus so that we could have eternal life (John 3:16). Be revived, renewed and refreshed! It is the season for new life!

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