Monday, April 30, 2012



Reflections by the Sea ©

Betsy Ore Glass

April 30, 2012

For I am the Lord your God, who churns up the sea so that its waves roar – The Lord Almighty is his name. -Isaiah 51:15
Waves are formed across the surface of the ocean by winds. The stronger the wind, the larger the wave. Isn’t it amazing that an ocean can roar like a lion with waves crashing onto shore one day and then the next day, not even a ripple is present on the surface of the water? I love to scurry to the beach to see what the waves are doing. It is a fact that the sea cannot be controlled. However, it is within our control to build a house on pilings to allow waves to go under it rather than through it in rough weather. It is also in our control to construct walls of sand to protect a dwelling that is too near the ocean’s edge. But it is not in our control to hold back the wind that powers the waves of the sea. That’s God’s business. Surfers flock to where the waves are big enough to enjoy the ride on their surfboards. But on the other hand, an oceanfront resident may helplessly standby as the same crashing waves and pounding surf possibly threatens his property. Each person’s joy is reflected upon the choices they make.
Do we experience joy in our days? Is it long- lasting or just for the moment? Do we seek the way of the Lord? Choosing to live with Him at the helm or do we choose the other way, by living to please ourselves and gain pleasure at the expense of our spirituality and walk with God? Our parents may have christened or baptized us with hopes we would walk a godly life, but it is truly a personal decision that each of us must make at some point. If we make that choice to accept Him, it’s then that we can count on His joy, goodness, mercy and protection all the rest of our days

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