Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat Wave

Heat Wave
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Betsy Ore Glass
June 27, 2012

The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; -Psalm 121:5 (NIV)
The recent heat wave charted record heat as the thermometers have soared. Extremely hot weather can be dangerous, it is definitely unwelcomed and most definitely uncomfortable at the least! On those sweltering days, there doesn’t seem to be a respite from the heat. Swimming pools feel like bath water, umbrellas offer little shade, and trying to stay hydrated seems to be a full time job. Early morning walks on the beach can be the most pleasant time of the day, and a slight evening breeze can be cause for celebration. And yes, to pray that the air conditioning continues to work is something we can do!
We have a thermostat within us. Our temperature is regulated and most everyone’s is 98.6 degrees. If something is out of kilter, if we are sick, it may register higher. That is one of the first things that a medical professional will do to evaluate a patient is to take their temperature. When everything is “normal”, we feel fine. If not, our body reacts with a change in the temperature.
Did you ever stop to think that we have an emotional thermostat as well? If all is well, we are light-hearted, laugh easily, and we are good company for someone. Our mood is steady and neutral and we are at peace with everyone and everything. If we are having our own “heat wave”, if we are angry and worked up, it shows in our emotions and actions. We don’t mean to, but we can allow our bad mood, our frustration, our anger to spill over to spoil the mood for everyone else. A crowd of people can be affected by the actions of just one person. For instance, the boss comes in the office in a bad mood and everyone scatters. But a warm, friendly receptionist can be the first smile of the day and it sets the tone in the office. Not only can this principle apply at the office, it works for home, school and church.
It is within our power to become a godly thermostat wherever we go. We can choose to shake off anything unpleasant and walk into a room with a cheery hello, a compliment, offer a kindness, or give a smile. There are numerous things we can do. One person can make a difference. Sometimes all it takes is for one person to reflect the heart of God and the tide of the day will change.

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