Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Days' End

Days’ End


Reflections by the Sea

Betsy Ore Glass

July 26, 2012

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. - Psalm 27:14 NIV

I was fortunate enough to witness a brilliant, fiery sunset a few days ago. The bright orange, yellow, pink and purples dominated the sky through the last remains of a rain storm. It was worth waiting for….the reward of a stunning sunset after the storm at days’ end. 

Doesn’t life mimic nature at times? The path of life may seem wobbly at times, the worries we carry weigh us down like storm clouds, sorrows may outnumber joys, but more often than not, we get the reward at the end, like a beautiful sunset after a stormy day. Things work out, our worries were for naught, joy finds us again. But not every season is easy. Not every day is challenge free. And because we decide to carry these worries and burdens ourselves instead of surrendering them to God, it is amazing that any of us can walk the journey at all!

Spiritually, we may often tend to ebb and flow like the tide depending on what is going on in our life at the time. Whether it is a tough decision that has to be made, or a troublesome situation that we can’t escape and must walk through, God knows our needs and we are never alone. Oh yes, we often times feel alone, actually isolated in our indecisiveness as we seek godly wisdom for guidance….and it feels like we are in a storm with rain clouds surrounding us. But if that is all we can see, then we have lost sight of God’s Light. When the storms of everyday life are insurmountable, we have to shift our focus back to God. We walk through hard times to learn about our strength and weaknesses. We are given opportunities to either do it “our way” or to seek “Gods way”. It is always wise to seek “His way”. But what if you can’t see the light for the clouds?  Today’s scripture says to “Be strong”.  Read the Bible, seek wise counsel, talk to someone who has walked before you and can shed wisdom and information. But most of all seek the Lord and wait on Him. He will reveal the answers we need in His Perfect Timing. When the clouds drift off and we are left in the brilliant light of God at the end of our day, we realize that He always had the plan and following Him is the only way!

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