Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watching and Waiting

Watching and Waiting
Reflections by the Sea © Betsy Ore Glass
October 04, 2012

I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer. Psalm 17:6 NIV Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to sit on the dune line with Jesus and talk about ordinary and special things as we look together across the ocean. I know I would have so many questions. But hopefully I would have the wisdom to be quiet and listen to what He would say. For some people their relationship with Jesus is silent. For others, His Voice can be heard in hearts and in minds. But in order to hear His Voice, we must be still. There is nothing as special as spending prayer time and feeling His Presence around us. For me, it begins with music. Singing the words of praise and clearing my busy mind prepares me for our time together. For years, I supposed I learned to pray and when I stopped talking, it was over. Now, much wiser I have learned to wait on God. He may drop a thought in my mind. A scripture will come to mind. Perhaps in my sleep He will give me a dream that gives me the solution to a problem. Our prayer time will come alive when we realize they are being heard. It isn’t just a one way conversation. No, sometimes He doesn’t answer right away. To our disappointment our answers may come years down the road but we should expect to hear from Him. God talks through His Word. The scriptures are there to guide us, provide knowledge, and be a roadmap and so much more. God talks through people that we trust. Leaning on their wisdom can be helpful. God can use anything He wants to get a message to us. He is limitless. Everyone seems to be watching and waiting for something. A friend was interviewing for a job and it looked like it was his. But at the last moment a former employee surfaced that was highly regarded and was given the opportunity instead. Disappointed? Maybe a first, but then the recognition came that God’s Timing is better than ours. So now we are waiting for God to bring something even bigger and better in the way of a career opportunity. I was recently on a trip and met two lovely ladies to spend time with. Our paths were different, yet for some reason God put us together. I will be watching and waiting to see if He brings us together again. My daughter in law posts pictures and videos for us to see of our new grandson often. I am in great anticipation each morning when I turn on the computer…hoping for another glimpse of him to start my day. A friend wants to develop a women’s ministry. She is in prayer and waiting on God for confirmation and guidance. Another friend is taking her ministry to a higher level and is excited and overwhelmed, while trusting in God’s Plan with total faithfulness. Give Him your hope and dreams through prayer. He is listening. And expect the guidance and direction you seek. God never fails. Perhaps you will be an answer to someone who has been watching and waiting. God works in all of us if we are willing to be obedient to Him.

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  1. As always, Betsy I am in awe of the gift God has given you with words. You help others to see God better by leading them to Him. Great post. Thanks!